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I found this fascinating quote today:

Whether you are self-published or published by a traditional house, you will have to market, promote and sell your book. With print book sales declining, and ebook sales exploding, traditional publishers are forced to rely on the authors to promote and sell their books. They no longer have the unlimited marketing budgets of the past.Anthony S. Policastro, Writing is About Putting Yourself to Words, May 2010

You should read the whole article.


  1. Well there's some good advice in there for the modern way for authors to sell books. There are just a few large publishers left with budgets to market books and they seem to favour established names or celbrity titles with a guaranteed market.
    Regarding e-books, I would be interested in other people's views. With the amount of daily work time already spent in front of gadgets, if I was to follow the online social networking advice in the article, then the last thing I would want to do was to read an e-book. Give me a traditional book to unwind with any day (or bedtime).

  2. There appears to be so much hype about the explosion of ebooks. I am yet to be convinced. Personally I think books in print will be very much around for a while yet.

  3. The printed word will always be around but all involved in writing in whatever form have to accept the fact that the world of publishing is changing rapidly and the technology for being able to read on many different devices has also raced ahead. You either embrace it all get left behind i think. I agree with Steve, all the larger publishers have now seemed to just go with celebrities or long established names for their books despite claiming to seek new blood.


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