Book Reviews - In all Probability; Mystery Deceit and a School Inspector

In all Probability by Steve Morris
5 Stars In all probablity...a very good read!, March 2, 2010

By Robert (Henderson, Nevada)
"This is a collection of various short stories about very different characters, with very different lives. A very good read as each story is usually only a short three pages or so. A lot of these stories left me wanting for more! A couple left me simply confused, such as "Three Strikes and you're out." It was about a woman who is denied entry into a dating service after she had supposedly used up her "Three times of true love." She's sadly turned away, and the story ends. Others, such at "Let the Good Times Roll" had me laughing out loud, as the world finds a way to make everyone happy. Things begin to go very wrong from there, and this story might have actually made a very good novel if it could have been extended another 200 pages!
The author shows an amazing imagination in all of these stories, and I would really encourage him to move from short stories into full novels. An obvious writing talent like his should be encouraged! Great book, well worth the money! "
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Mystery Deceit and a School Inspector by Bryony Allen
A frank independednt review by Beth's Book Review Blog:
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