Resonate by Terry Durose, Director of Manchester City Mission

Terry Durose, Director of Manchester City Mission releases definitive book on personal evangelism. A down to earth book that takes the panic out of personal evangelism and helps to equip ‘ordinary’ Christians share their faith.

About this book
Since 2002 Terry Durose has had the privilege of training and preparing literally thousands of Christians for evangelistic mission. The insights he shares in this book come from deep Biblical reflection and his experience as a Pastor, Head of UK Missions for ‘On The Move’, and Director of Manchester City Mission.
Originally written as a training course for Manchester City Mission evangelists, Resonate was redeveloped to help ‘ordinary’ Christians share their faith. This is what other have said about Resonate:

"Simply one of the best tools I’ve ever seen for equipping people in personal evangelism” Chick Yuill, Chair of Hope2008 in Greater Manchester

"..well researched and solidly biblical. It is a message of hope..." Revd. Professor Andrew Igenoza

“An excellent course combining Biblical truth with down to earth experience. I am confident that resonate will enable many to effectively share Jesus” Gareth Lloyd-Jones, Pastor, Motram Evangelical Church

“This has to be best teaching I have ever heard on the subject of personal evangelism. …..inspires but also equips, taking the panic out of evangelism. Excellent! Thank you.” Judith Rudd (Attendee of the resonate course)

Find out more: Resonate

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