Appropriate Treatment

Mal Bowen releases an action packed thriller fiction. Elderly patients are dying unexpectedly in NHS hospitals, unable to get any justice a group of frustrated souls decide on a very radical course of action to expose the truth.

The Plot
Elderly patients are dying unexpectedly in hospital is it coincidence?
Mike’s mother was admitted to hospital after suffering a mild stroke. Within a short time, she was dead. He had suspected that his mother hadn’t received exceptional care, but after reading her medical records he soon realised that the actions of her clinicians had definitely not been in her best interest.
Complaining to the hospital put him on a medical merry-go-round and taking his complaint to a higher source placed him on a cover-up carousel. During his search for the truth, Mike met many other people whose elderly relatives had been admitted to hospital with a varied selection of ailments, but their ending was always the same. THEY DIED UNEXPECTEDLY.
Unable to penetrate the system’s shield of respectability, he gathers together a band of similarly frustrated souls, who decide on a very radical course of action to expose the truth.
Appropriate treatment reveals the ripple effect their actions have on all levels of society and the very unpleasant side of the institutions we have all been brought up to respect.

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