Wake Up and Smell the Reality - Not based on pie-in-the-sky ideas

Life Coach Brian Fox launches a self-help book firmly based on reality and not pie-in-the-sky ideas. Author shares from his life experience how anyone can change their life for good by making the right choices.

When it comes to self-help books, here is a unique one because it does not offer things that are simply not available to the average person. As the name suggests it is based on reality, and is aimed at real people who are interested in thinking critically about their lives and making the right choices in order to make things better for themselves within the world they live in.

This is not a book that provides you step-by-step instructions and tells you how to live your life; it is a book that offers insight and information into real people.

This is written in such a way that even the most die hard non-reader will find it easy to read, easy to understand and most importantly they will learn something from it. It flows like a conversation from beginning to end in plain and simple language that anyone will learn from.

For anyone who is interested in changing their lives, this book is a must read as all of the topics covered in this book simply make sense. There are no hidden morals and twisted messages, just simple and basic truths that everyone needs to know and can relate to.

Find out more: Wake Up and Smell the Reality

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