Territory of Uncertainty: A collection of short stories and profiles

Author releases collection of short stories based on his travels and adventures – Territory of Uncertainty by Stephen Owens.

About this book
‘Territory of Uncertainty’ is a collection of longer and shorter stories, and a series of ‘Unreliable Country Profiles’. The stories are written in the first person and this may give the impression that they are autobiographical but they are not. Undeniably they each contain elements of truth.
The opening story, ‘Asansol’, may appear disconcertingly odd. Mr. A is a complex composite character, but he is my starting point, a person who really did come into my railway compartment in India and said only one word – Asansol. This was a place I’d never heard of, and I’ve never been there, though I must have passed through it on the train.
The various introductions provide me with an opportunity outside the context of the stories, but their inclusion is an essential part of the book – like short worthy detours on a long enjoyable journey.
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  1. So, which is the 'friendliest of all cities'?

  2. There is an alternative final chapter to 'Asansol'. I tried to upload it here but I was unable to do so. It is however available at the following: http://smowens.blogspot.com/2010/06/asansol-alternative-chapter-eleven.html

  3. Now the war is over, I have written an update to my 'Unreliable Country Profile' - 'The Island'.
    It is available at the following: http://smowens.blogspot.com/2010/06/th-island-update-personal-view.html

  4. Some time ago, I asked the question, so which is the friendliest of all cities. My own answer to this is contained in my following blog: Frangmented Reflections from the Mirage


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