Sweet Dreams

New author Roberta Downs releases a romantic action packed mystery thriller fiction set in Glasgow inner city and the Swiss Alps 

The Plot
The deputy head teacher of a Glasgow inner city school, Paul Tanner, has been murdered!

Kate Farnham, a colleague, discovers him dead in his Clydeside flat―he has been shot through the head. The Chief Inspector, Dan O'Donnovan, investigating the homicide, is determined to leave no stone unturned. He can be ruthlessly incisive when dealing with suspects.

When Kate leaves Glasgow to live in her grandfather's farmhouse in Switzerland, a maelstrom of crime and violence follow her. Old friends visit and new friendships are forged, but the shadow of Paul Tanner and who murdered him, seems to haunt her. Though Kate's involvement with the victim was limited, she now finds herself drawn deeper into the whole mystery surrounding Tanner's demise......

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