The Lifer

Author releases detective murder mystery fiction about a man convicted of a murder he did not commit and how he finds love and justice in the unlikeliest of places. A delightful cameo of the personal life of the investigating detective and his progress from murder investigation to meeting the woman of his dreams. 

The Plot
Bert Simpson’s life is a kaleidoscope of ups and devastating downs. A happy life at the beginning to the heartbreak that was to accompany him for the greater part of his adulthood.

Trouble starts when his mother’s illness causes Bert to be sent to live with his Grandmother. She dies in 1939 and war breaks out in the same year.

Bert travels back to his hometown where his Grandmother looks after the whole family. War escalates and Bert is sent as an evacuee to Devon. Finishing school he returns to his hometown and once again picks-up on old childhood friendships.....Find out more: The Lifer

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  1. I really enjoyed The Lifer and so did my son - a good read

  2. Our friend Lynne said it was a thoroughly good read. Well done on your published book - you've achieved what most people only talk about!


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