Is it God’s will to heal the sick - The Wholesome Truth about Healing

Is it always God’s will to heal the sick, why are some healed while others are not? Proficient author Yomi Akinpelu tackles the most difficult questions surrounding the subject of healing. If you have ever wondered about the role of faith and prayer in healing this book is a must read.

About this book
This book is for those who have questions and need answers. The Wholesome Truth about Healing was initiated as a result of a question; “Does God desire perfect health for all? If He does, why are some healed and others not healed”? The subject of these pages will always be poignantly up-to-date because sickness and disease are a fact of life, and Scripture is the highest ‘court of appeal’, where our thinking and faith must be fully anchored. Evidence from medical research showing that prayer plays a role in healing, and real life testimonies of God’s healing power are superbly woven together with scriptural evidence to present a convincing case for healing.

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