Injera and Chips

Author releases new book about his experience as a VSO volunteer in Ethiopia.

About this book
Volunteering to work in a developing country is an experience most people never have. I associated Ethiopia with famine, and drought, and poverty. People do live in primitive conditions and earn very little, but almost all the people I met were happy and thirsty for knowledge. They were proud of their culture and history, and unlike people from other African countries I have worked in, didn’t blame the White Westerners for their problems. They welcomed foreigners, accepting our help and valuing our contribution.

What started out as a newsletter I was sending to twenty friends and family, grew to a distribution list of nearly one hundred, including other volunteers. I was persuaded to write this book by some of them who thought it ‘amusingly interesting’. I wasn’t convinced, but decided to write the story behind the ‘amusements’, the real story as I saw it…including the amusements!

Injera and Chips

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