Creating Adults NOT Raising Children by Brian Fox, Author and life coach

Author and life coach Brian Fox shares insight on why you should not be raising children but striving to create responsible adults.

About this book
When you have a child you are not only bringing a new life into the world, you are creating a whole new person. That person does not come already equipped to survive in life; they have to learn all they need to cope in the real world. Being a parent is much more than procreation; it is about helping this new person learn the skills and attitudes that will carry them through to the end of their days.

It is in childhood that we expect to be equipped with the tools and learn the basics that will last a lifetime. We expect our parents to teach us these fundamental things.

This book will offer a little insight into this world and will help you to understand various conditions that may affect children.

You are responsible for the kind adult your child will become. You are creating adults – not raising children, whether you realise it or not.

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