Chasin’ That Carrot

Author Avril Dalziel Saunders releases a new fictional novel set in Glasgow in the late 1960s. The story traces the life of a young couple as they struggle to survive in hard times. The hardships and humour of Glasgow folk in this era come into their own in this book.

The Plot
It is 1969, James and Linda Alexander start married life with everything against them; she is pregnant, money is tight and they rent a room and kitchen in Glasgow’s east end.

Things are difficult, work is scant in Glasgow and James and Linda have a toddler son with another one on the way, they decide to move down south to ‘Chase that Carrot’. Work is plentiful and wages are good in the London area, but there are no houses for rent. James roughs it in a rented room and Linda stays on in Glasgow. Weeks before the birth, James finds an apartment in Weybridge, Linda bids a tearful farewell to her parents and joins her husband.

Homesick on New Year’s Eve, they set off for Glasgow. Disaster strikes and they spend the night in a cell in Carlisle Police Station. Another time they attend a family wedding, but on the return journey they are involved in a nasty accident on the A74.
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  1. I have read both this book and it's prequel "What's Fur Ye Won't go by ye". I enjoyed this book more, I think the author has got into her stride more in this book, and the writing is richer. I enjoyed the book and would definately buy a third book to conclude the story. A good wee read.


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