The King and the Casket by David Charles

The truths, half-truths and myths of the time combine with the skulduggery and connivances which permeate a royal household to make this an exciting and stirring tale.

However, matters of English royal lineage are puzzles to be resolved only by what we believe we know and, inevitably, a royal household is an extraordinarily secretive institution.

Such is the level of research, combined with a story taut with intrigue and vivid characterisation, it is easy to forget that this book is a work of fiction.

The rest, as it is said, is history.

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  1. Hello,

    I wrote THE KING AND THE CASKET for several reasons but mainly, as a new author, to unload a story which I had held in mind for quite a time prior to publication. The history, as one of my passions, came easily and the story about a switch of royal babies unravelled as I got into the mysteries of the period. Basically the book is a story which is written for others to enjoy.

    I'd love to hear what you think.

    David Charles

  2. Hello,

    I wrote THE KING AND THE CASKET for many reasons but as a first novel it was an attempt to merge my love of history with an idea for a rattling good story. The history came easily - it is a passion of mine - and the story about the switch of royal babies unfolded as I got into an appropriate period in history.

    I'd love to hear your comments about the story.

    I have just finished ADAM'S BURDEN, (due out soon)which is a supernatural trilogy about the ascent of human kind, and my current book, THE LAST MILLENNIUM, is a time travel mystery and due out towards the middle of 2010.

    As you have guessed I'm experimenting with different genre and always open to interesting suggestions and ideas.

    Best wishes

    David Charles

  3. David,
    Which of the genres are you finding most success with?

  4. Hi Steve, Thanks for the question. As you see I need to visit here more often! However, in answer to your question, I enjoy exploring all types of genre with no particular favourite at present although I feel comfortable with notions of time travel and other supernatural events. This was more than apparent in Adam's Burden for which I have just found a publisher. For me, Adam's burden lacked action, but the book was written for a reader to think about rather than jsut be spoon fed action if you know what i mean. My current book, The Last Millennium is an action / police / good guy / bad guy story with what I think are strong heroes and characters all mixed with a time travel and archeology. I'm still working to make sure the plot is balanced whilst remaining interesting.

    Thanks for you getting in touch.


  5. Thanks for the reply Dave. Much appreciated. Best of luck with "Adam's Burden"


  6. You can now read more about my current writing projects at


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