They're all foreigners abroad by Stuart Wright

Why do the Brits have such a bad reputation whilst on their holidays abroad?

"I would challenge anyone to read the book and then say that they didn't recognize themselves somewhere. You may not want to admit it but you're in there somewhere!" - Stuart Wright

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  1. Fantastic book, great read, found myself laughing alot felt as if the author was writing about myself as i have done alot of what he is writing about whilst on holiday. Would highly recommend to read.

  2. I agree fantastic read, took only a few days for me to read laughed all the way. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Its one of those books everyone should read. Look forward to another by Stuart Wright.

  3. Hilarious. Ok, it's not going to win a Booker prize, but who wants one of those on holiday.
    The best part is (and this is where English humour scores), you end up laughing at yourself, or someone you know, because we're all the same abroad aren't we.

  4. Brilliant book had me laughing and really could imagine a lot of the stories for real...when is the next one out can not wait

  5. I think that the best humour ultimately always lies where we laugh at ourselves. I'll add this to my 'to read' list.

  6. John P says Great book, so funny, a must to read.I read Stuart Wrights first book [Lifes a laugh on the costa,honest]which was hilarious and this one is just as good.Keep them coming Stuart.

  7. Really excellent read, very funny, it perfectly reflects all the idiosyncrasies of many races abroad.

    Kept me laughing and if you cannot recognise anything about yourself in here you should go and see a physiatrist. Also lent it to my German in-laws and they read it cover to cover, I am not sure if they found the commentary on Brits funny or saw themselves in it, but it just proves that Stuart Wright's material transcends international barriers.

    Well done and will keep my eye out for the next one...


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