6 September 2018

Book Savvy Spotlight on John Davies

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Our Guest is John Davies*
Enjoy the interview.

Q1. Can you tell us about yourself and your book 'Lyrics and Limericks'.
I was born in Cwmafan, South Wales in 1948, attended Glanafan Grammar School, worked for 30 years as a chemist for BP Chemicals and retired in 2002. Married to Adrianne in 1971 and son, Ian, born in 1979. Our granddaughter, Freya, was born in 2010 and is the apple of my eye. I started writing as a hobby in retirement and 'Lyrics and Limericks' is my third book. I play guitar, have written some songs and also some poetry. The thought occurred to me, are song lyrics poetry? I sought the opinion of several songwriters and poets and their thoughts are included in the book. Having written many limericks, the book title required no thought and just tripped off my tongue.

Q2. When you write, what emotion do you seek to evoke in your readers?
That depends entirely on what I'm writing. I have written poems which I hope have evoked sadness and sympathy in the reader. I wanted to entertain the crowd with the speech at my son's wedding. I told him that the real secret to a successful marriage is just two words, "Yes, dear". Lyrics and Limericks is a light hearted look at the worlds of poetry and song writing. I hope that I've made it an entertaining read.