18 November 2016

Poignant, page-turner reveals a deep side of beach-holiday India

Book Title: Lemon Seas
Genre: Fiction: Thriller/suspense, Adventure

Goa – this was the break Rich had looked forward to after a broken marriage and his
mother’s death. At last he could breathe again on a beach lined with palm trees. The discovery of the body of an Indian dancing girl as he arrives shatters his expectations and he’s quick not to get involved. Nina, the wild young singer in a band provides romantic distractions. Dinesh and Frank befriend him and all is going well. Until his world is turned upside down when interrogated by Lakshya, the local Police Chief, a clever, well-educated man who’s strong on accusations.
When other dancing girls go missing and another body is found, Rich is prime suspect. The heat is on and proving his innocence is not going to be easy – there’s only one thing for it: follow the trail through a tropical paradise of forests and beaches to find the truth. But can he trust those around him? Who can he count on when he goes on the run through the shadows of the underworld? The conflicts of death, a fiery romance and trying to chill become intertwined. Will he be able to stay alive long enough to expose the deceit and cover ups and enjoy this place of paradise?


'It's a gripping, moving and ultimately eye-opening story...’
Guy Russell, author and prize winning poet.

'Beardmore gets right to the heart of the stories he tells...' 
Judi Moore, author of Ice Cold Passion and other stories.

“Pacy, poignant, page-turner that packs a punch"

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4 November 2016

Questions That Will Help You to Choose a Topic for Writing a Book

New authors experience a lot of difficulties, and the very first of them is the inability to choose a topic. It may happen that you can’t come up with something really interesting and engaging even having a lot of knowledge in the field and a strong desire to create a masterpiece. At the same time, once you decide on the theme, the process goes on much faster.
To boost your writing, I’ve collected a list of essential questions that may significantly advance the selection of a topic.

#1 What is Your Favorite Kind of Books?

The books chosen by you for reading are the first and the most obvious source for topics! There is nothing wrong to cover the same topic as you are reading now although many beginners are afraid of expressing the thoughts of others instead of their own.
However, in non-fiction literature, it is practically impossible to say something new. Moreover, the reader does not buy the information about the problem – he buys your personal view on the issue and how to resolve it, wondering how you but no one else copes with the task.

#2 What do You Know and How Can You Help Readers?

Now it's time to organize your knowledge on the chosen topic.
Let’s imagine you’re a professional in book promotion. You know how to write, publish and promote books on both native and foreign online and offline bookstores. Each of the subtopics can be a topic for a book!
Set aside a detailed plan and start with two or three answers to the FAQ, so that the beginners can build their own model of writing and promotion while advanced writers take a fresh look at some of the things they have not paid enough attention to before.
Turn off your inner critic and write what you know and how it can help your readers. Upload your knowledge on the paper and get rid of shyness and shame. Record, think, disclose every thought, and deploy it as a rosebud.