29 October 2013

"...beautifully written and I recommend it to children all over"

"Aliens and Angels' is a very beautiful and interesting story which deals with issues most children have.
'Not Without a Carrot' is so funny, it's a wonderful take on a very familiar story and from a very different point of view. I'm sure Sunday school teachers and even ministers/pastors will enjoy this as I did.
'Bootee For Etta' is another wonderful Christmas story every child would like to hear or read.
The book is easy to read, beautifully written and I recommend it to children all over. It is sure to be one that will be read over and over again."
Lottie Yinka, ex-minister

25 October 2013

"...such amazing love, grace, humility and sheer joy of the Yuletide."

"A charming selection of three stories just like the Three Kings bearing gifts to baby Jesus. These stories are magical with a cheerful tone and will warm the hearts of young readers. Angels and Aliens is a perfect stocking filler for Christmas and adds a new dimension to children's Christmas stories. The character of Trouble the Donkey really gives the donkey who took Mary and Joseph to Bethlehem a firm place as the star of such amazing love, grace, humility and sheer joy of the Yuletide."
Collette Caffrey, Stanza Poetry Group

22 October 2013

A great review of 'A Ticket to Tewkesbury' by Rebecca D. Elswick

"If you love a good mystery, then what could be better than a 50 year old letter that leads the main character, Julie, on an adventure to find the person who was supposed to receive this love letter? The one thing that Julie discovered from the letter was that it had been written by a soldier returning home after the end of the World War II to a nurse in Cleethorpes. They had met at a rehabilitation hospital in Kent and fell head over heels in love. With her husband in tow, Julie travels to East Coast holiday resort of Cleethorpes. Here they discover much more than who should have received the letter. They discover dark secrets that hark back to the Third Reich. If their discoveries fall into the wrong hands, the very foundation of the British government could be destroyed."

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17 October 2013

Novel nomination for author at 73, Nottingham Post feature

We encourage all book lovers and readers to get the books or borrow from their local libraries and cast their votes for these books. Read the Nottingham Post Feature 
The People's Book Prize entry link: Sins of the Father

The People's Book Prize is the unique democratic Book Prize voted exclusively by the public so it is the public who choose Britain's Next Bestsellers. Its goals are to discover new and unknown works, eradicate illiteracy and support reading uniting the community as a whole.

10 October 2013

A review by Jude Ouvrard - "a good read and the end left me wanting more"

"I enjoyed reading this novel so much because of the author's talent to create the perfect plot. I liked all the twists and different directions he was taking me. Definitely a page turner! I couldn't put it down.
The author has the ability to write description that made me feel like I was part of the story. I could see everything the author wanted me to see, like in a movie. It's well written and the characters all perfectly described.
It's definitely a book that I will read again. It was a good read and the end left me wanting more. I recommend this book to everyone!
Two thumbs up!"

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3 October 2013

Precarious Career of a games inventor - Nottingham Post Author's Spotlight

Click to read the feature.

The book:  Find out about the intriguing, sometimes frustrating, world of games inventing from someone who has spent 55 years exploring it and has had over 50 different games marketed, selling around 3 million in more than 20 countries. There is also a glimpse into the fun and toil of co-writing 20 books. He didn't get rich – it doesn't work like that!

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1 October 2013

A review of 'The Princelings of the East' ...the plot is absolutely brilliant

Princelings of the East is an amazing book jam-packed with mystery and action. The story begins with the main characters, the heroic princes, George and Fred in the castle Marsh. Their contrasting characters of engineer and philosopher make their dialogue all the more interesting. The boys are thrown into an energy shortage before the king's birthday and wonder if the cause is from another castle. Their vast knowledge of the castle tunnels leads them to a neighbouring castle however the tunnel was not what it seemed and takes one princeling through time while the other is stuck in the present! Though separated they discover crucial clues in the future about a drink called wozna and in the present in castle Buckmore. Their discoveries lead to the culprits or should I say culprit (!) of the energy drain. Overall outwardly the book title and cover is very deceiving however the plot is absolutely brilliant. It’s sci-fi mixed with mystery and action and I would recommend it to everyone!!!!
Reviewed by Joshua A. (13 years old)