6 June 2013

Celebrity, singer-songwriter Jackie Trent promotes Harry Riley's latest novel

The Laird of Castle Ballantine | Fiction: Supernatural thriller, Suspense, Crime
by Harry Riley

Harry Riley's latest book, 'The Laird of Castle Ballantine' promoted by celebrity, singer-songwriter and Patron of Eastwood Booktown, Jackie Trent.

David Page (Pen name: Harry Riley - first from LEFT in photo)

Eastwood Booktown Development Group was created to improve tourism in Eastwood and the Midlands, thorough the awareness of literacy, culture and the arts, particularly amongst deprived youngsters.
We commend the Eastwood Booktown Project initiative and wish the Eastwood Booktown Development Group every success.
Pneuma Springs is passionate about books and the authors who write them.
Harry Riley is the author of two books: ‘Captain Damnation and other strange tales’, ‘Sins of the Father’ and 'The Laird of Castle Ballantine'
Paperback | Waterstones | Amazon UK

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