When two 'strangers' get too close for comfort - a short story

By Neal James*
FIVE O'CLOCK – great. And it was Friday too – even better. The whole weekend ahead without the drudgery of returning to work until Monday and that seemed a long way off right now.
Terry Mason liked his weekend out with the lads. Tonight would be an evening on the town, a few beers, something to eat and maybe a disco or a club. Saturday afternoon was reserved for football and this week they'd hired a minibus for an away fixture. Sunday was his and he spent the whole day watching TV and reading. He was 27, and alone since his mum died five years previously. His father had walked out when he was just nine years old.
Terry wasn't what you might call one for the ladies, preferring to remain in the background enjoying the company while his mates did most of the talking, but if someone interesting came along he was not too shy to engage in conversation and there had been a number of girls in the past with whom he had struck up brief, if inconclusive, relationships....
Last week, however, had been different, and this was the reason for his interest in the current weekend.
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