18 August 2012

The Eastwood Booktown Project - a superb initiative

Pneuma Springs Publishing (PSP) supports the development of Eastwood as a "Booktown".
PSP is a friend and supporter of the Eastwood Booktown initiative, as well as several Eastwood writers*: publishing books for authors: Harry Riley, John White and John Butler. PSP commend the Eastwood Booktown Project initiative and wish the Eastwood Booktown Development Group every success.
The Eastwood Booktown Flyer

The Eastwood Booktown Development Group - Photograph.

*Eastwood Writers
Harry Riley is the author of two books: ‘Captain Damnation and other strange tales’ and ‘Sins of the Father’.
John White, is the author of ‘Brook Breasting’.
John Butler is the author of 'In Search Of Ireland Again'.

Pneuma Springs is passionate about books and the authors who write them.