29 February 2012

Cancer Woman's book featured in the Surrey Herald

A NEW Haw author who overcame breast cancer is hoping her new book will encourage more women to go for potentially life-saving mammograms.
Avril Saunders, 63, was diagnosed with breast cancer in March last year following a routine mammogram.
She said the quick diagnosis was the reason she could now look forward to spending many years spoiling her grandchildren.
Her book, Mammograms Save Lives, dealing with what she went through, was published on Thursday (February 23).

Avril Saunders is the author of 'Chasin’ That Carrot' and her newly released book 'Mammograms Save Lives'

25 February 2012

Book Savvy Spotlight on Louise Wilkinson

Bringing you exclusive interviews with authors featured in the Book Savvy Newsletter.
 Our Guest is Louise Wilkinson*
Enjoy the interview.

Q1. Can you tell us about yourself?
I am a retired history teacher who taught history in a secondary school in Stockton-on-Tees for nineteen years. I am 50 years old and have had to take ill health retirement. I have an old dog, a young dog and two cats.

Q2. What inspired you to write the book 'The Kipper Patrol'?
My research into the Auxiliary Air Force, and my own personal interest in local history. To be honest, the book was a spin off from some research I had been doing for an MPhil research degree. As part of the research I had interviewed a great many veterans from auxiliary squadrons who did not really understand what an MPhil was, but who wanted me to write a book, so the idea for the book came from them really.

Q3. You have written about a period in history that is about 60 years ago, how can you be so sure that the recollections are accurate?
My book is written primarily about 608 Squadron. They were a part-time squadron of volunteers who gave up their weekends and one night a week to train to be pilots or ground crew. In order to make sure that the book was accurate, I interviewed about 33 members of the squadron who served in the 1930s and a similar number of veterans who served between 1946 and 1957. The book contains most of their recollections, as well as a potted history of the squadron.

21 February 2012

The Blake Curse - A fascinating plot with suspense and twists

The Blake Curse
By I. C. Camilleri

Spine-tingling supernatural thriller with heartrending choices, fast paced suspense and startling twists 
Ben Blake is a British Intelligence agent embarking on his first undercover assignment. He infiltrates university life in Cambridge and befriends Cathy, the daughter of billionaire Edward Carter. However his carefully laid out plan disintegrates when his path crosses the beautiful Samantha, whose cryptic past becomes firmly intertwined with his investigations. The tangled web of deceit leaves Ben battling for survival, his only lifeline being Jake Snell–the enigma, the rogue full of vices…
“The Blake Curse is all about heartrending choices, fast paced suspense and faith in the thread of human goodness” says author I. C. Camilleri.
Find out more

“Hair-raising supernatural thriller” …publishedbestsellers.com

Genre: Fiction: Suspense / Thriller
ISBN: 978-1-907728-39-6
Publication Date: 28 March 2012
Edition/Format: 1st/Paperback
Book Size: 210 x 148 mm, 270pp

19 February 2012

An excellent review of 'From Coconuts to Condors'

An unforgettable trip to Brazil, Peru and Bolivia
Book Reviews by John Davies*.
February 2012

"Valerie Astill's book is a marvellous account of a challenging three week holiday in Brazil, Peru and Bolivia. Her very readable writing style makes the culture, climate and landscapes of these countries come to life. Her descriptions are incredibly detailed and picturesque making it so easy to visualise the scenes that she describes. Indeed, I almost felt as though I was in the shower with her and the little green frogs! Valerie also gives a warts and all insight into the many difficulties of travel in these South American countries. I thoroughly enjoyed this delightful travelogue - well worth reading, even if you're not going on holiday to South America."

*John Davies is an author, song writer and poet. He is also an athlete and has been the Welsh Masters javelin champion in his age group nearly every year since 1989. He is the Treasurer of Port Talbot Harriers and President of Welsh Masters Athletics. John Davies is the author of 'Lyrics and Limericks' and 'Chester to Chepstow'.
Valerie Astill is the author of 'From Coconuts to Condors' and has also written a second book titled -   'Temples and Tacos' about her journey through Mexico, Guatemala and Belize.

Genre: Travel: Places and peoples
ISBN: 978-1-905809-57-8
Publication Date: 12 April 2009
Edition/Format: 1st/Paperback
Book Size: 210 x 148 mm

16 February 2012

An interview with Barbara Conelli, Blog Talk Radio in New York

Author Neal James* was interviewed by Barbara Conelli, Blog Talk Radio in New York on Sunday, 5th February 2012.

Listen to an audio file

About Blog Talk Radio
BlogTalkRadio operates out of New York and hosts live talk radio show online.



15 February 2012

How to Craft Back Cover Copy that Sells Books by the Boatload - For nonfiction books

How do you write good back blurb?
"Back cover copy is like the packaging on a box of food or the cover of a magazine at the supermarket checkout counter. The vendor has only a few seconds to stop you in your tracks, attract your attention and compel you to make a purchase. You can also consider back cover copy to be similar to a movie trailer or preview: just two minutes that give you the plot line. Based on the trailer, you will decide whether to see the movie, or not. The same holds with your book. Your design/layout, graphics AND verbiage must entice readers and make them hungry for more."

Read full article:
How to Craft Back Cover Copy that Sells Books by the Boatload - The Savvy Book Marketer

How To Write a Back Blurb For Your Book - For novels

How do you write good back blurb?
"This is a list of what featured most often from a number of bestselling thrillers reviewed as research from my bookshelf. The principles hold true for any genre although the details change for each."

Read full article:
How To Write a Back Blurb For Your Book - The Savvy Book Marketer

14 February 2012

Read and Soar - Watch the book trailer

A book trailer for Read and Soar has been released.
Read and Soar is a book about the many benefits and joys of reading.

Where will your reading adventure take you?
Between the covers of a book exists a sort of paradise.
Books have a certain kind of enchantment about them; they are able to catapult you to a different world in the twinkling of an eye.
By reading you can rub minds with the best thinkers of all time & share in the wisdom of the greatest minds.

Yomi Akinpelu is the author of 'Read & Soar' and two other books: 'A Matter of Life & Death', 'The Wholesome Truth about Healing'

7 February 2012

Listen to a short story by Neal James

Neal James* was on Erewash Sound with Tris Walker and Laura Smith on Saturday 21 January 2012 to record the first of what may become a series of his short stories.

Listen to an audio file of the transmitted short story titled -  ‘Marks on the Wall’.

Neal James interview
Neal James would be returning to the Erewash Sound studios soon for an interview with Tris Walker – If you have something you want to ask Neal James about his work then please use the comment box on the 'Erewash and beyond' website or email tris.walker@erewashsound.com.

About Erewash Sound
Erewash Sound was launched in late 2004. Broadcasting on 96.8FM, Erewash Sound serves the Erewash Valley area of Derbyshire.


Unveiled, a new book marketing & distribution initiative

'Spring Leaf Books' unveils a new website, SpringLeafBooks.com and an email marketing brand – ‘Book Springs’, specially designed for book lovers all over the world.

The new website is aimed at informing readers about tailored offers, reviews and interviews about their favourite books and authors.

Book Springs is a newsletter of Spring Leaf Books used for targeted book marketing and promotions. All book marketing campaigns are based on clear goals, good research, appropriate use of social media and trends within the industry of book subject, to achieve maximum exposure.

Springs Leaf Books is proud to be affiliated with PublishedBestsellers.com.

A spokesperson from Spring Leaf Books says:
“We recognise that there are many book promotion initiatives out there but we hope that our offer will provide authors with a unique selling point for their book(s). Spring Leaf Books and Books Springs are two book marketing and promotion initiatives that will effectively support authors’ book promotion drive before and after a book is released.”
Spring Leaf Books is a business unit of Pneuma Springs Publishing, an independent publisher, providing established and budding authors with publishing expertise since 2003.

6 February 2012

OTOLI is currently on the Top Ten YA awareness books

View the Entry - Top Ten YA awareness books

OTOLI is a story of bullying, teenage issues and the supernatural. The central character, a victim of bullying, Alice Turner, finds solace in a strange cafĂ© called OTOLI and finds friendship with the enigmatic waitress, Jenny. It however turned out that Alice’s new friendship is not quite what it seems.

Author’s Bio
Bryony Allen writes Adult and Young Adult fiction. She is the author of 'Mystery, Deceit and a School Inspector' and 'OTOLI', her latest book. Bryony is a teacher and currently lives in the beautiful wilds of the Suffolk countryside with her husband, four children, and pets, cats and dogs.
Read the recent YA Book Reads blog with author, Bryony Allen.

Bryony Allen is the author of two books: 'Mystery Deceit and a School Inspector' and 'OTOLI'

5 February 2012

A new film ‘Broken Promises’ based on a short story by Avril Saunders

Paul Burton Films are currently in pre-production with a new short drama film which is being made in association with Avril Dalziel Saunders*.

Before she was married, Jenny Curtis nursed her widowed mother for several years after she was left paralysed and speechless from a stroke. In Broken Promises, Chloe Richards recalls the twists and turns of fate that Jenny faced in the year following the death of her mother; and how her attempts to rebuild her life were thwarted when she met her then future husband, Harry Curtis.

With a screenplay by Paul Burton - who is also set to produce and direct the film - Broken Promises is based on a short story by author, Avril Dalziel Saunders. The film is set to be made at Elstree Studios in north London and on location nearby in February 2012.

The completed film will then be broadcast later this year as part of a short film strand on the following TV channels: Information TV (Sky 231), Information TV + 1 (Sky 189) and Showcase TV 2 (Sky 203).

DVD’s of ‘Broken Promises’ can be ordered direct from Paul Burton Films

Profits from the sales of the DVD’s from ‘Broken Promises’ will be donated to ‘Breast Cancer Care’ and ‘McMillan Nurses’

*Avril Saunders is the author of 'Chasin’ That Carrot' and soon to be released book 'Mammograms Save Lives', due out in February 2012.

4 February 2012

Ray’s amazing journey - in print, set for book launch

A NEW book charting a 70-year old runner’s mental and physical journey through life, as he sets himself almost impossible challenges, is out this month.

Me and My Shadow is the story of Ray Matthews, a local man described by publishers Pneuma Springs as “truly exceptional”.

3 February 2012

From Pneuma Springs with love! - Unveiling our Valentine's selection

Spice up your love life with some romantic novels
Set in the life and times of Regency England, a stirring tale of love, dark secrets, manipulation and the determined human spirit.
A summer evening’s chance encounter throws together two people of opposite social class who, despite a natural mutual attraction, should never have met. More...

To Know the Road
...An inspiring tale of love, hate and the indomitable human spirit.
A story of forbidden passions set in the war years and played against a background of sectarianism and religious conservatism in Ireland. More...

The Guitar Man
A heart-tugging bitter-sweet love story, in which love, devotion and determination brings good out of the most tragic life circumstances.
Set in Ventnor, a quaint seaside town on the Isle of Wight off the south coast of England, this is a heart-tugging bitter-sweet story, in which love, devotion and determination brings good out of the most tragic life circumstances. A sweeping story of true love, devotion and pain. More...

Sweet Dreams
A romantic action packed mystery thriller fiction set in Glasgow inner city and the Swiss Alps.
The deputy head teacher of a Glasgow inner city school has been murdered! Kate Farnham, a colleague, discovers his body – he had been shot dead. Suspect or target? That is the question the Chief Inspector has to answer as he goes to the Swiss Alps in his search for answers. Romance and mystery seamlessly intertwined! More...