9 July 2011

Ndlovu! - The White Elephant. Based on true-life events in Zimbabwe

A crime detective novel based on true-life events in Zimbabwe during the turbulent years after independence

Ndlovu – The White Elephant is a pacy story set in Zimbabwe during the turbulent years that followed Rhodesia's Unilateral Declaration of Independence. The story highlights the dangers of police work in the explosive climate of a troubled country during years of the terror war and is woven around human suffering, painful endurance, and horrors that confronted the peoples both black and white. The narrative is loosely based upon the author’s own experiences in the police force of what was then Rhodesia. Thus the action of his story is set against an authentic background which the author experienced and the impeccable writing style gives a palpable vividness to the events.

“A palpable, action-packed story based on true-life events”