24 June 2011

Call Me Valentine

Derek Rosser’s exciting collection of true-life stories and childhood adventures from the inter-war years.

Born in the year 1930, the year the airship R101 made its final disastrous voyage – life was exciting but very different to that experienced by today’s youngsters and teenagers. I am sure that we enjoyed life rather more than our modern counterparts. Not the joys of violent video games and computers – but rather the simpler pleasures that come from exercising the imagination. As an only child, with the aid of half a dozen lead soldiers and a toy fort (made by my father from scrap timber) I conquered India and extended the boundaries of the Empire.

“…I have attempted, in this book, to give the reader an insight into the life and emotions of a boy born in the inter war years. The facts are a true reflection of those formative years...”
says Derek Rosser.

“Exciting true-life childhood tales from the inter-war years”