The Wordsmith Award


The Wordsmith Award
First Prize: £200 (Or equivalent currency of winner's choice)
Second Prize: Julius Falconer Novel Series

Competition Genre: Fiction (Novels)
Closing: Bi-annual*

1. Entry to consist of maximum 500 words synopsis of the work plus the first 5,000 words.
2. A front sheet containing all contact details and the title of the work.
3. Announcement of results shall be electronically via email to the email address used for entry except where otherwise advised. Only successful entrants will be notified.
4. The finished manuscript must not exceed 80,000 words. Manuscripts will not be returned.
5. Entry £5.00 per manuscript: Cheques to be made payable to PSL or via PAYPAL email link.

Post all entries electronically c/o
If Authors do not have email access or prefer postal entry, send to:
Published Bestsellers c/o 7 Groveherst Road, Kent DA1 5JD. All postal entries to have an A5 stamped addressed envelope attached for results.

* Closing: Bi-annual
SUMMER WRITING COMPETITION (1st June - 31st October)
Entries close 31st August. The winning manuscript must be completed and delivered to the publisher by 31st October. Judging and announcement of winner by 30th November.

SPRING WRITING COMPETITION (1st December – 30th April)
Entries close 28th February. The winning manuscript must be completed and delivered to the publisher by 30th April. Judging and announcement of winner by 31st May.

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