28 June 2010

A gripping sea adventure novel by James McCarthy - 'Me and the Foreign Girl'

James McCarthy releases a gripping sea adventure novel with an enthralling plot.

"A unique thought-provoking style that will keep you well and truly immersed till the end."

The Plot:
Caught in an Atlantic storm the ‘Annie L.’ is sinking. With its motley crew the trawler is an accident waiting to happen. They are hundreds of miles from their homeport on the picturesque Achill Island on the west coast of Ireland and there may be no chance of rescue.

The crew; the Skipper, his sensible nephew Pat and deck hand Coleman seem to have a death wish. Life had failed each of them in its own way. The exception is the beautiful red haired marine biologist from Finland who is with them for this one trip. She wants to live…. 

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