What is hanging on your branch?

An inspiring Christian book full of sound biblical teaching and wisdom relevant and pertinent for today’s Christian.

About this book
Everyone goes through challenges in life. Life throws all and sundry unexpected trials. The hard knocks of life can press us down and the pressures of life may squeeze us from every side. What is your reaction to the struggles and conflicts that you face in life, what is your attitude to opposition, pain, disappointment or adversity?

Some of us blow our top and lash out on all around us; others take it in their stride and bury it beneath the surface only to erupt later on. Our reactions to the pressures of life sometimes cause us trouble or embarrassment later or affect those around us negatively. It doesn’t have to be this way; there is another way, God’s way.

What is hanging on your branch is a book designed to aid you in growing and maturing in Christ. Through life's ups and downs you can yield to the Holy Spirit instead of succumbing to the flesh. You can allow the Holy Spirit to produce and exhibit His fruit through you. It is possible to live a life free of bitterness, hatred, un-forgiveness, resentment, anxiety and fear. It is possible to overflow with so much love, joy, goodness, kindness etc. that others will be drawn to Christ through us, just because you behave differently. God has designed and desires that we bring forth good fruit consistently even under the most intense pressure, it is actually through our trials that we are pruned and produce more fruit.

Today’s Christian is bombarded with a myriad of trials and trouble, therefore the subject of this book is relevant and pertinent to all. Whatever stage you are in your Christian walk, it is a good time to stop and check - what is hanging on your branch.

This book is due to be released before the end of January 2010. Find out more: What is hanging on your branch?


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