14 December 2009

Marketing Tips for Less - Strategies to boost awareness of your book for little to no cost.

Source: Bookhitch.com

Do something everyday to market your book.

Send one copy of your book out a week, or even a day. Personalize a note, and send it to someone as a gift. Is your book medically related? Maybe there is a newspaper article congratulating a doctor, send out a copy with your congratulations too. Is it a self-help book and you read about someone going through a trying time? Send out a copy of your book, and ask if there is anything you can do to help. There are ways to help other people that will help you too.

Do a free workshop at a local venue once a month, tip off the press, and sell some books. This will allow you to perfect speeches, and will gain you notoriety to the point that people may pay you for a speech or two.

Write. Write short pieces or articles. Post them online, or submit them for publication newsletters. Voice your opinion on relevant and current issues. Take a look at writing competitions locally, and on the web. Always providing references to your book and directing people to your website.

Subscribe to e-mails from the website www.helpareporter.com. Register your name and e-mail address and twice daily you will receive a list of media outlets, and contacts that are looking for help with articles they are writing. It may be a month before you can honestly help a reporter with their story, but it may be the break that you are looking for. Warning: This list does not mean contact a reporter everyday and stretch your expertise to fit in with a story…this is how you will be blacklisted!

Join social networks and network with fellow authors. Websites such as LinkedIn, are a great place to keep in contact with friends and co-workers within the industry and keep tabs on what everyone is doing. You can also use less formal websites such as myspace and facebook to create author, or book pages. You just have to be careful of who befriends you and who you allow to view your pages: make it professional, or make it personal, there should never be a mix of both if you are using it for marketing purposes.

Network. Don’t just use social networks online, use your close friends and co-workers to help spread the word about your book.

Review other people’s books, and they may do the same for you: Tit for Tat.

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